Probing Into the Features, Setup and Support of Email Marketing Software

In this modern business marketing scenario, simply relying on email marketing or any one specific social media marketing strategy may not provide the desired results and outreach. You will need to combine the social efforts with email so that you can ensure higher engagement among the users, open rate and ROI.

When it comes to choosing an email marketing software, it can be really overwhelming to find the best one among hundreds of email marketing software. However, it is important to do so for not only automating the email campaigns but also to measure the success of your emails. Therefore, when you choose a software make sure that:

  • You choose one that will work well with the leading growth platforms
  • It will provide the best services along with the best support and
  • It transforms the way in which it attracts, engages, and delights the customers.

Depending on the size and nature of your business you may also need to consider cloud deployment to get the best email marketing solution. This will ensure that you get the best Customer Relationship Management as well as social media integration.

Automation of emails is the best way to reach out and engage with your customers as suggested by experts like Gramista. This will not only help you to design better email campaigns but will also help you to review the performance of your mails and manage them based on their level of interactions and engagement with the visitors and customers.

Setup and support

When you choose a software to automate your emails you should not look at the pricing and packaging only. Instead you should look at the services, reviews as well as the features. You will come across different email marketing tools and plans that may include:

  • Unlimited email sends
  • Billing on the number of subscribers and even
  • A free plan.

However, you must make sure that it aligns with your business needs and is low-cost. It must be able to handle a large number of email subscribers. The best type of plan to choose is that pay-as-you-go plan as that will ensure that you get the returns as you desire.

On the other hand, there may be several such services that may offer high-volume plans as well as custom plans. When you choose these make sure that you make arrangements directly with your sales rep.

If you are looking for better commitment then look for companies that offer discounts and money-back guarantees as well.

Power your business

The combination of email and Instagram marketing will enable you to get the most out of the social media only if you use a couple of these easy-to-use tools.

  • Social share: this will help you to extend the reach of your emails and promote them on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition to that, you can also schedule your social posts in advance easily to post them on any specific social channel whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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  • Social Media Quick starter: This tool is specially designed to help you get started on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and also on YouTube and at the same time help you to ensure success of your email campaigns much easily.

In addition to the above, there are also a few specific tools that will help you to connect with your prospective customers in minutes with your emails. These tools come with innovative features such as social integration, one-click editing, comprehensive tracking, and more.

These tools will help you in:

  • Creating and editing email templates
  • Managing file hosting and image library
  • Designing email newsletters
  • Sending emails and tracking them
  • Knowing the deliver ability of each email
  • A/B testing and
  • Following a marketing calendar.

Therefore, in short, these tools will help you in both email and customer management with its high-end support and resources.

Save time and money

Over time, the marketing channels as well as the trends have evolved and these tools will help you to keep up with these trends and also ensure that you grow your business quickly. Well, though most of the social channels have changed significantly, email is in one that has remained more or less the same.

In fact, according to research it is found that email still remains the top channel for content marketing. It helps both B2C and B2B businesses with:

  • 87% of B2B marketers and
  • 77% of B2C marketers using this form of marketing to nurture leads and foster their audience.

It is a platform that will help you to amplify other marketing channels including social.

However, there are several challenges that you as a marketer may face in your email marketing efforts. One of these key challenges is the amount of time it will take to design an email from the scratch that is great looking. In absence of efficient tools, you will end up using a lot of time unnecessarily which will in turn hinder the productivity. In short it will pull down the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

Save time by email testing

Most of the experts in email and Instagram marketing will suggest email testing as that will save a lot of time as well as the bottom line of your business.

These email testing methods are simplified in which you can send a test email directly from your email service provider. You can even upload your HTML directly to the system. This will help you to:

  • See the email on every available social platform
  • Render your email to web, mobile, and desktop clients
  • View the mails on portrait or landscape
  • Streamline the entire process
  • Collaborate more efficiently by sharing the test results and
  • Be in touch with the team members and stakeholders.

You can test your emails on different devices to see how your email look like. This will help you to find out the design issues even before you deploy your email campaign.

That means, when you use the best tools for Instagram and email integration you will not only save time but will also be able to send better emails for a higher Return over Investment ROI.

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