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Pinterest SEO – A Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Pinterest SEO must be an integral part of your email marketing plan if you are active on the platform. Similar to any other search engine, content discovery on #Pinterest is made by virtue of keywords.

When you are able to drive decent traffic to your website through Pinterest SEO, you would be able to easily build an email list of your website visitors.

Small Guide to Pinterest SEO

Let’s recollect the basics. You might know that you could “pin” or save any image you see online as a Pinterest user. You can create different boards and categories for your collection, and by doing so, you can streamline and compile the topics you care about. When you pin images, they are mostly linked to the original website they are from.

Suppose you are looking for a new pasta recipe.

You could quickly look for that phrase on Pinterest and look through many pasta recipe options. When you locate the one you were looking for, you could pin it to your board, and make it visible to the people who follow you on Pinterest.

Well, have you ever thought, how Pinterest knows what content to fetch when you search for something?

Here are the key elements that have an impact on Pinterest SEO

  • Quality of the Pin
  • Pinner Quality
  • Topic Relevance
  • Domain Quality

Now let us see what each of these mean.

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Domain Quality

With the domain quality, Pinterest learns about your website quality. It is crucial to pin consistently as Pinterest knows the number of items pinned from your site. You may entitle rich pins on your account and come up with quality content that drives more engagement. Now, let us look at the pin quality.

Quality of Pin

social-media-marketingPinterest determines the quality of a pin by its popularity, freshness, and the engagement it gets.

For instance, suppose a pin is on your Pinboard and another user shares it to their board, Pinterest tracks this engagement. Eventually, Pinterest determines your pin quality.

Pinner Quality

Pinterest assesses your active status and whether your content is well received (engaged) to conclude the overall quality as a pinner.

You have to be active, share popular content, engage with your followers, and increase pins to enhance your pinner quality.

Topic Relevance

Like Google, keywords have an impact on Pinterest search. You have to make sure that your pins are relevant to the search terms; This shows how closely your pins match your audience’s interests and recent searches.

How to optimize your Pinterest Boards?

You must incorporate keywords in your Pinterest board names, descriptions, etc.; This allows Pinterest to categorize your content and pins.

To optimize your content, you ought to perform keyword research to find the terms that correlate to your industry and audience.

When you carry out your search on Pinterest, it proposes more terms to help you narrow down your search. You may make a note of these terms if you find them relevant.

Besides using these terms in your board titles, pin description, image text, you must also integrate relevant hashtags with corresponding phrases.

Pinterest is an ideal platform for e-commerce websites. Hence you can enhance the Pinterest SEO on e-commerce websites.

Final Thoughts

You may find Pinterest SEO intimidating at first. However, you would become skillful as you start working on it.

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