Numero Uno HRIS – Features and Benefits

We all are aware of the wonders that science and technology have been doing in our lives for years now. Artificial Intelligence and Automation have reached to the core of every possible area that one could think of. And no surprise, but even departments like IT and HR of any organization are at par with such transformations. Talking about the advancement of Human Resource Management, the incorporation multifarious qualities of HRMS or HRIS in almost every workplace nowadays is noteworthy.

Before talking about the attributes of a “numero uno” HRIS/HRMS, let’s first understand the 3 basics “H” terminologies that will make things more clear to you:

HRMS: This one is the widest term, encompassing automation of all the operations of an HR such as Recruitment and Onboarding, Training and Development, Performance Management, Benefits Administration among others. Human Resource Management System is a combination of human resources and information technology (IT) through the HR software.

HRIS: This is a subset of HRMS wherein, the software is offered as a database to enter, process, track and manage data of a company’s human resources. However, the answer to what is HRIS is quite elaborate and involves information requirements of processes like payroll, bookkeeping, and others.

HCM: This one is another part of HRMS which includes both qualitative and quantitative aspects of an employee lifecycle. For instance, succession planning, performance tracking, and reporting and pertinent analytics are the main components of Human Capital Management.

Now, it is time to talk about what features to look for in the supreme HRMS. Although this is not all, the points mentioned below are definitely the primary essentials in an effective HRMS.

Characteristics of the Number One HRIS

Employee Database/ Information Management

Look for a system that keeps your employee data intact and secured. The information must be easy to access and modify.

Recruitment and Training

This is a vital HR function so you definitely can’t do without it! All the possible actions involved in hiring candidates and training them should be simplified using your HRIS.

Performance Management

Take note of the effectiveness of performance tracking and assessment in the system. Thus, ensure smooth appraisals, rewards, and recognition of employees.

Time and Attendance Management

Once the employees are hired, this feature should be automatically enabled as it is interlinked to a number of other functions like payroll.

Payroll Processing

After getting the answer to what is HRIS, you already know that Payroll Processing is the chief area of HRM. Do not forget to keep a check on it.

Benefits Administration

The benefits enjoyed by employees help a big deal in retaining them and keeping them happy. So, do take care that the HRMS can actively manage health security, insurance, and other policies.

Benefits of the Number One HRMS

  • Automates Daily Workflow
  • Promotes Quicker and Faster Actions
  • Simplifies Human Interactions
  • Improved and Sustains Uniform Processes
  • Conveys Actionable Insights
  • Provides Accurate Reporting and Documentation
  • Eases Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Enhances Employee Satisfaction
  • Acts as One-Stop Shop for All-Inclusive HRM
  • Builds and Benefits Organizational Repute
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