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Marble Tiles vs Vitrified Tiles

Flooring is the base of any gorgeous house. However, it is crucial in home decor, literally as well as aesthetically. Things like wall colours, furniture, or any other interior applications can be altered without much to do, but the same does not apply to the floor. Changing the flooring is an arduous and time-consuming process. Hence, choosing the right flooring tiles for your house is crucially important.

Marble vs. Vitrified Tiles: Review the Comparison

Flooring is an important element in home decor, and it is essential to pick the ideal flooring that can set the ideal tone of your space. Before you finalize the deal with a tiles warehouse, ensure that the flooring design layout and pattern you choose for your rooms fit the visual and functional requirements.

Flooring adds essence to the house interior. However, the ideal type of tiles you choose for the flooring will give your space a naturally beautiful look and feel. Nevertheless, different types of rooms in a house require different types of tiles.

Here we will review the difference between Vitrified Tiles and Marble Tiles. What will be ideal for your home? Marble is a hard building stone, whereas tiles require a great deal of care.

Marble Tiles

The marble tiles are considered to be a building stone due to its distinctive position. Marble is composed of limestone that has sustained heat and pressure. The marble stone needs periodic polishing to keep it lasting. However, it is not normally used in the frequently used spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s rooms.


Besides, marble tiles are extremely durable and water-resistant. When buying marble tiles, be sure that you don’t buy exceptionally shining pieces since they pull dust and might also have chances to crack.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are created through the process of vitrification. A heavy load is prone to cause the tiles to break. Vitrified tiles are somewhat different from the issues found in ceramic tiles. You can get arrays of design, style, and pattern options while buying tiles. Also, they require a great deal of TLC to keep the tile flooring look stunning for long.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles specifically are pre-polished, however, ready to use. Both Marble and Vitrified tiles are completely different, but some unique attributes are similar to each other. As time passes by, the marbles white hue turns into yellowish, whereas, on the other side, the vitrified tiles retain their shine for decades.

Vitrified tiles are a mixture of clay, ceramic, and porcelain. They have a gently smooth texture. These tiles are the most demanding substances in today’s day and age and have gained utmost popularity amongst the architects. Tiles are typically human-made material and can be readily replicated with the help of appropriate machinery.

On the contrary, Marble is a natural stone with abundant beauty and is often used in designer architecture. This porous natured element comprises limestone, dolomite, or calcite and has high water absorption capacity. Marble tiles, moreover, provides an extremely eye-catching look to your house indoor space.

5 Key Features of Marble Tiles and Vitrified Tiles

1. Durability

Tiles are easy to clean. Wipe the floor with a soaked piece of cloth or wash it. Besides, they are scratch and stain-resistant. The only downside vitrified tiles have is their durability. They are prone to breakage. Once broken or damaged, you need to change them.

Marble, on the contrary, has great and outstanding strength. Marble tiles can cause stains and can easily get affected by acids. They require periodic polishing and proper cleaning. It may indeed endure for a very long period.

2. Easy Installation

Tiles are often easier to install when compared to Marble. The installation process of vitrified tiles are somewhat shorter and also requires less work. Moreover, tiles are easy to cut manually and come with fantastic polishing.

Marble tiles are heavyweight and quite delicate. It is also difficult to transfer marble tiles from one spot to another. Marble tiles installation requires a considerable amount of time to include cutting, grinding, finishing, and polishing.

3. Usage

Vitrified tiles are used for both exterior and interior spaces. You can get them installed for various functions and purposes. Since the tile installation process is simple and easy, you can use it in your home interior’s specific applications.

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Marble tiles on the other side are more suitable for the home interior design. They will make your home look more attractive and comfortable.

4. Looks & Finishes

You can get tiles in glossy, matt, and anti-skid finishes with a combination of different colours, patterns, and textures. You can use this combination in several interior and exterior spaces of your house. Their colourful looks make them a unique element to use. However, there is a wide array of options available at DixieTileShop Wholesale Suppliers to select and enhance the look of your house.

Marble is a natural stone. The grain traces on the marble tiles look fantastic. Well-polished marble tiles will give your room the luxurious look. They are available in distinct colours and shades with natural hue, shades of white, green, black, green, brown, yellow, etc. apart from the polished finishes.

5. Affordability

The human-made tiles are easily available at verified tile supplies Mississauga. You can buy the required quantity and style at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, the installation procedure of vitrified tiles is also affordable. The tiles are available ready-made, and you can install them immediately when you get the delivery. This type of tiles are low-cost material and requires considerably less time to install.

Marbles are costlier than the tiles. They are occasionally imported from different countries. Since they are natural stones, you need to trim them to the required size or dimension before beginning the installation process. Besides, the installation process requires a whole lot of time and proper finishing ones installed. Indeed, the whole process ends with costly bills compared to vitrified tiles.


Marble and tiles are used for flooring purposes. You can visit Dixie Tile Store Mississauga to check in different tiles and place your order for the ideal material based on your budget and need. To keep them looking beautiful always, maintain the flooring with TLC. Both options will provide your house with the most attractive and remarkable look.

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