Is Monsoon Time Arriving Soon? How to Keep Yourself Healthy

It says a sound mind lives within the sound body. Therefore, if you want to be the owner of a sound mind, you have to keep your health well. Different seasons bring different diseases and can make a person ill if he takes care of himself.

In the midst of March, there begins monsoon season in the UK. Although, during that time, trees are full of colourful flowers and birds chirp here and there. Still, the worry of infections and diseases also rises. Actually, many insects start coming out from their winter sleep in the rainy season and begin their job.

However, it is not uncommon to fall sick easily if you do not take care of yourself. Especially for kids, monsoon is the commonest season to get into an infection. Surely, you can easily avoid the troublesome scenario by taking good care of your health.

What are diseases may take place in the monsoon?

During monsoon, several types of diseases can happen. Among them, one of the commonest is a fungal infection. During this time, bacteria and viruses commonly float through the water, and when we drink polluted water, human beings fall sick. Besides, due to heavy rainwater stags for a long time in high drains.

As a result, when we step into that polluted water, it might create skin diseases. Here are some names of diseases that commonly take place during the monsoon.

  •  Dehydration:  During monsoon, the human body becomes dehydrated quickly, and if you do not drink adequate water, you will start suffering from dehydration. A person feels vomiting and weak for a minimum of 2 days.
  •  Skin diseases:  Due to heavy rain, your backyard may be full of water. If your kids play into that water, they will indeed develop skin diseases because such stagnant water is not suitable for the skin.
  •  Fungal infection:  Even if you stay inside the house and do not go out still, there might be a fungal infection during the monsoon. Generally, various bacteria and viruses float within the water during this time, and they may enter your house through water pipes.
  •  Eye infection:  Apart from fungal infection in several body parts, eye infection can also take place. When a person washes his hand with bacteria polluted water and puts the same hand on his eyes, infection becomes quite natural.

Is Monsoon Time Arriving Soon? How to Keep Yourself Healthy

There is nothing to worry about as proper precautions can drive out the chance of getting ill. So, if a person wants to stay healthy and fine, he must follow these tactics to keep himself healthy. These tips are also applicable to children.

Eat plenty of boiled vegetables and probiotics

  • Eat plenty of boiled vegetables and probiotics

We all like to have some salads at our lunch and dinner and even in between the meals. There is no doubt that salads are suitable for the health and it serves lots of anti-oxidants to us. But during the monsoon, you must not make salads.

Rather, instead of taking raw vegetables, keep those cook for a minimum of 20 minutes. Boil those vegetables and then eat. Besides, take such health drinks which are rich in protein and fibre. These two will help to keep the immunity strong.

  • Intake bitter food as much as possible

Bitter food is the best for keeping our health well. As it boosts the immunity system, you must include gourd, neem extracts, dandelions, green tea, etc. Everything mentioned here is good for your health as it enhances the condition of your health.

Did you know bitter foods will also minimize the chance of infection and keep the condition of our internal organs healthy? For this reason, doctors advise taking bitter food for avoiding allergic diseases.

  • Drink fruit juice by making it at home 

As mentioned, most of the diseases in the monsoon spread through water. For this reason, it is better not to consume anything outside other than the house. So, if you are feeling like having a glass of fruit juice, then instead of purchasing it from the shop, make your own in the house.

Use distilled water to make the juice as it will be totally safe. During monsoon, whenever you want to drink juice, make sure you have made it on your own with purified water.

  • Use net on the window

If there is a glass window in your house, it is okay, but if the windows are without glass, try to install nets. At this monsoon time, many insects are out to affect people so, if you want to avoid them without thinking about anything, cover the windows with the net.

In this way, you may easily create a hindrance at the entrance of insects. Most of the time, while you are sleeping, such insects attack and for which, you may have to suffer from skin problems.

  • Clean your self

There is no exception to keeping yourself clean and clear. Take a shower twice a day if you are going out form the house. Even if you are using a raincoat and a used car, it is still better to take a bath in hot water after returning home.

Do not forget to use skin-friendly disinfectants for taking a shower. It will drive out skin problems too.

  • Keep the grass trimmed

Make sure the garden grass is trimmed during the monsoon. During this time, poisonous snakes come out from their dens. In one of my friend’s backyards, there is stag water in every monsoon. Besides, he did not care to trim the grass, and it became the favourite place of a poisonous snake.

Rest you can imagine. So, if you don’t have a mower, please try to buy one due to the monsoon. You can avail payday loans for the unemployed people with bad credit scores, and drive out the issue of funds. Direct lenders sanction such loans for small purchases.

The primary purpose of buying such a gadget is to keep you safe and well during the monsoon. Besides, do not forget to follow such health tips too.

The main purpose of buying such a gadget is to keep yourself safe and well during the monsoon. Besides, do not forget to follow such health tips too.

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