Everything You Need to Know about Industrial Coating

Industrial coating is a kind of paint, applied on numerous derivatives such as steel, concrete etc to create a protective shield on the interior and exterior of important structures. It is well known for its corrosion control properties but at the same time serves the aesthetic purpose as well.

Presently it offers a huge array of coatings that are suitable for various requirements. The entire application procedure includes three steps-primer, coating and finally sealant.

Industrial coating adds a number of benefits to the components, metals and materials where it is applied. Apart from protecting them from environmental changes, it makes them stronger, more durable, flexible and has a longer lifespan.

As I have mentioned above there are different types of industrial coating available in the market which have different physical and chemical properties, some of these coating products are preferred by most of the industrial painting contractors that they have used in many projects.

2 Types of Industrial Coating

Industrial coatings are divided into two segments one is organic coating and another is an inorganic coating

1. Organic Coating

Coatings that contain carbon, refined/modified petroleum products, different solvents, pigments, additives and fillers fall under the category of organic coating.

Organic coating involves products like

Alkyd Coatings

Alkyd coatings are applied on prepared substrates in various industrial environments. Based on the ingredients involved, it can be used for interior, exterior, underground and underwater applications.

Its beneficial features include weather resistance capability, good colour, gloss retention and superior flexibility.

Epoxy Coating System

Epoxy coatings are defined as a high-performance group of coating products that come with outstanding film building, mechanical and chemical properties.

Unlike others in the row, it dries up in less time. It is capable of being applied in different surfaces like steel, zinc, aluminum and galvanized components.

For industrial projects that require superior protection against normal wear and tear, abrasion, moisture, water, corrosion, salt air, fuels and chemicals, it is the best choice. If you’re concern about wastewater, clean a water can help you solve any wastewater treatment in Australia.

Polyurethane Coatings

Best known for its remarkable resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and weathering processes, Polyurethane coatings can fit into a huge variety of industrial application.

powder coating

2. Inorganic Coating

Inorganic coatings are prepared with ingredients such as enamels, pigments and additives to provide ultimate protection from various stressors in industrial environments.

Here is the list of inorganic coatings that are commonly used in industrial applications.

Acrylic Coatings

To serve the purpose of superior protection in an industrial setting, acrylic coatings are formulated with more binders and additives and fewer pigment dispersants and surfactants that put a negative impact on corrosion resistance.

Though Alkyd coatings are dominating industrial painting, Acrylic coatings are also gaining popularity for industrial application.

Ceramic Coating

Apart from durability and corrosion prevention, ceramic coatings are designed with some extraordinary features like superior thermal insulation as well as chemical and dimensional stability.

When it comes to industrial painting projects, it can be used to safeguard tanks and piping systems against water, moisture, UV radiation, chemicals and high operating temperatures. These coatings are not to be applied to components that will be exposed to tensile or compressive stress.

Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings turn into thick and foam-like layers that insulate structures from fires when it comes in touch with extreme heat or open flame.

This is because these coatings have the ability to maintain the integrity of different components even in fire and are perfectly suitable for high heat application.

For every type of industrial and commercial application, there is a suitable organic or inorganic coating available. Safety experts rely on these Industrial painting Toronto to ensure the safety of bridges, pipelines, storage tanks, offshore drilling platforms and other critical structures.

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