Hunter X Hunter Anime Manga Return after 4 Years

Hunter X Hunter (pronounced “hunter hunter”) has been on a hiatus for almost 4 years, with its last episode telecasted on September 23, 2014. Fans have been hoping for updates for a long time, and the wait is over.

This manga series is now back with all new chapters. Thus, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Hunter X Hunter (HXH) a Japanese manga series.

Hunter X Hunter Anime Manga is Back After 4 Years

The official confirmation of the Hunter X Hunter manga return comes from the verified Shonen Jump Twitter Account. It stated that the new chapter was under development. It will likely be released in 2024.

The last volume of the manga series was released on November 2018, after which the creator Yoshihiro Togashi went on an indefinite break due to a health issue.

Who are Hunter X Hunter Character?

The Hunter X Hunter anime is a manga series created by Yoshiro Togashi and features a range of characters. The story is based in a fictional universe where there are hunters who travel around the world and take on tasks and jobs ranging from monster hunting to taking down criminals.

  1. Gon Freecs

The story revolves around a boy named Gon Freecs, who is the protagonist here. He is an innocent, athletic, and friendly boy. As he spent most of his time as a child in the woods, he mixes well with animals and has a heightened sense of smell and sight.

He sets off on a journey to become a Hunter and meet his long-lost father, who was also a hunter. During the trip, he meets various people and learns new skills. He also makes new friends.

  1. Killua Zoldyck

Kailua is one of Gon’s closest companions and best friends. He is highly skilled and comes from a rich and powerful family, but his friendship with Gon is what makes him humble.

He always has an analytical mind and tries to solve any problematic situation. He has a sweet tooth and often is found eating chocolates.

Killua grew up in a traumatizing past and wants to overcome it with the journey with his dear friend Gon. Many fans speculate that he will almost certainly return in Hunter X Hunter season 7.

  1. Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika is the only remaining member of his clan. It is why he is pretty reserved and not open to others. He is classified as a blacklist hunter and is highly skilled.

He wears a decorated tabard over his white training suit, making him look majestic. Kurapika struggles with loneliness and guilt over the death of the other members of his cell. However, as the story progresses, he learns to meet new people and make new friends.

  1. Leorio Paradinight

Leorio is a novice hunter who is depicted as a tall, boastful man with huge monetary goals. Despite being only 19, his appearance is of an older masculine adult.

He is often seen boasting about how he wants to make money by being a hunter and acquiring wealth. However, he has a caring attitude underneath his narcissism.

  1. Hisoka Morrow

Hisoka is portrayed as an antagonist, a skilled hunter, and a former member of the phantom troupe. He is quite arrogant and values sadistic pleasures over life.

His main aim is to fight strong hunters, thereby decimating people who are similar to his power level.

  1. Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo is the leader as well as the founder of the Phantom Troupe. He is confident due to his excellent skills, which he has trained for over the years.

He is a very complicated yet essential character in the story. His main aim is to keep the troupe functioning. Thus, he contributes to heartless murders.

  1. Ging Freecss

Ging is the father of Gon, who left the picture a long time ago. He is a double-star ruins hunter with powerful physical strength.

He is portrayed as a person with a childish personality but wild instincts. He is not a good parent, leaving Gon alone and not caring for his well-being.

  1. Isaac Netero

The Exam Commission is led by Isaac Netero, the Hunter Association’s 12th chairman. He is elderly, more than 120 years old, to be exact.

He was known for being one of the most potent Nen users in his youth and remained incredibly strong into his old age.

He has a loud, eccentric attitude and is highly flamboyant and exuberant. However, his bizarre appearance belies his great wisdom and selflessness.

  1. Kite

Kite is shown as a character with two different forms. He is first established as a skilled male hunter who undergoes training under Ging. After that, Kite dies and is reincarnated as a female chimera ant.

  1. Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka is the younger sibling to Killua and is the second youngest child of the Zoldyck family in this Japanese manga series.

  1. Biscuit Kreuger

Biscuit is a double-star stone Hunter with immense skill and strength. She appears as a beautiful woman on the outside but is a 57-year-old trying to fool the world by hiding her true form.

  1. Machi Komacine

She is a pink-haired lady and the third phantom troupe member. She never shows emotions and always wears Japanese clothing. She is a great thief and works alongside Hisoka in various tasks.

  1. Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga is the 1st member of the phantom troupe and has impressive strength and power, making him a powerful villain.

  1. Feitan Portor

Feitan is the 2nd member of the troupe and is an experienced thief. Though he is short and lean, his speed and strength are immense.

  1. Neferpitou

Neferpitou is one of the most potent Chimera Ants. They are the first of the Ant King’s three Royal Guards. Their large, hairy ears and ant-like, clearly defined knee joints make them look like a humanoid cat.

How Many Seasons of Hunter X Hunter are There?

As of now, there are 6 seasons of Hunter X Hunter and the sixth season premiered long ago in 2014. Thus, fans have been eagerly waiting for hunter x hunter season 7 on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video in late 2022 or early 2023.

The series ranked #4 on Takarajimasha’s list of best manga of 2012. It has been very successful commercially and has sold around 84 million copies. It has received a lot of praise for its unique plot.

As a result, the indefinite hiatus left many fans disappointed and wishing for new content. The popularity of the manga and the hiatus length has even led to the creation of Hunter X Hunter hentai.

Can I Watch Hunter X Hunter on Netflix?

All 148 episodes of Hunter X Hunter are available on Netflix to stream. Fans have stated that the episodes, though many, are easy and exciting to get through. Watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix.

Thus, if you are planning to watch it for the first time, view it as per the Hunter X Hunter watch order. However, it is limited to a few countries. Subscribe to Web Fandom for more entertaining post..

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