How to Track Your Parcel Online: A Guide

Research suggests there could be as many as 303 billion parcels sent during 2026, representing a huge increase from the 131.2 billion packages that were sent in 2020. With so many parcels in the delivery system, you’ll want to track your parcel to make sure it’s safe during transportation. But how can you track your parcel online?

The last thing you want is to be wondering where your package is, or not know if it has arrived at its destination. The good news is there are several steps you can take so you can know the location of your parcel at all times.

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Label Your Item Correctly

If you label your package incorrectly, it may not even make it through the first stage of the process. Carriers are busy, and they’ll expect to be able to read your label and get all the information they need to assign a tracking number. If not, they may not be able to deliver your parcel, or help you track it.

To make mistakes less likely, you can use clearly printed labels and double-check all of the information before shipping.

tracking your parcel

Use the Right Carrier

A top-class carrier will make tracking your mail a breeze. They may have an app you can download, or provide you with a username and password for their website. Some carriers will even provide a high level of detail, such as how many stops your package is away from the recipient, and an approximate time for when it will arrive.

Be Patient

When you hand a package over to a carrier, the parcel may not display on their system immediately. You can enquire when your package is likely to show on their mail tracker online, and check at the relevant time. This can give you the reassurance that your package is not lost, even if you can’t see its current location straight away.

Communicate With the Carrier

Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen. For example, a mail tracker system might not be working, or your package could get left in the delivery vehicle. In these scenarios, it’s often possible to resolve the issue by talking to the carrier. There are also other remedies you can try, and for more information, you can have a look.

Track Your Parcel Online With Ease

There are several simple ways to track your parcel that can give you peace of mind. You can then know that your package is in the right place during each step of the delivery process.

It’s important to label your item correctly before sending it, and to work with a reliable carrier. You can ask when you can expect your package to appear live on a tracking system, while having open communication channels with a carrier can help you easily resolve any issues.

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