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How To Convert Your Garage Into An ADU: Experts Talk

The American garage is generally considered to be a total waste. It is nerve used for what it is meant for. A garage is where your vehicle rests, but in America, vehicles hardly rest. You will always see people driving their stress out on the roads. This is why most homeowners go for garage conversion and cover their garages into accessory dwelling units. This article will provide some insight on how you can convert your garage into an ADU accessory dwelling unit.

So, what is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

It is a space that is converted into a secondary living space. For instance, you have unused space; with proper enhancements, you can add that space into your housing space or simply convert it to a working space. With that being said, here we will talk about how you can convert your garage into an accessory dwelling unit.

How To Convert Your Garage Into an ADU?

A garage to ADU conversion can be done for several reasons. Increasing housing space, earning passive income in rents, accommodation for guests, or boomerang children are some to name a few.

You might be thinking, how much does an ADU cost. Well, the cost is directly proportional to what you want out from the projects. If you want to make your ADU an exciting place to live in, it might cost a lot.

However, if you want a simple housing space that can accommodate necessities, a few thousand dollars can get the job done.

The bottom line is that a complete ADU project can cost somewhere around $20,000 to $400,000, depending on the scale of the projects.

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Garage To ADU: Top 5 Deal Breakers

Before you start with the ADU project, you need to have every little bit of information about the projects. Hence, it is best to analyze the situation before you dive into the ADU projects.

Shared Utilities

Shared utilities are the public utilities shared among each other. It can be a sewer like that you share with your neighbor, or it can be an electric cable responsible for giving electricity to you and your neighbour.

Before starting with the ADU project, you must ensure that your projects are not damaging the shared utilities in any way. If your project might hamper the shared utility’s performance, your neighbor might file a lawsuit against you.

Structural Challenges

Structural challenges are something that you will face in one way or another with the garage conversion. Garages are the places with the least maintenance.

This gives the space a chance to fall apart. The deterioration of the garage can be to the points where the conversion might not be possible.

Hence, before starting with your ADU project, ensure that the garage’s structural support system is strong enough to support an additional storey.

Rules & Regulations

Converting your garage all comes down to one thing following the local rules and regulations. Although there are no strict standards for the ADU projects, you need to consider certain property rules and regulations while converting your garage.

The success of this project depends on the initial step your take. Whether you add a storey or add horizontal space, having a reliable site plan can really help you out.

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Cost Associated With ADUs

Since each conversion requires different amounts of work, the cost varies accordingly. Between permitting, contractor cost, and architectural cost, the total cost of conversion can reach an average of $80,000 to $150,000 range.

On the other hand, which city you live in also matters a lot. Depending on the city, the price of material varies.


There you have it; now you know all the necessary things that need to be completed before venturing into ADU projects.

Once all the above things are sorted out, the next things are pieces of cake. If this is just too much for you, you can always opt to hire professionals to handle all the paperwork.

Note: Do consider the ADU’s occupant while designing the interiors and space allocation. This will help you come up with a relatively useful secondary housing space.

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