How to choose best school for your child

Tips on selecting the best school for your children

For a parent who brings a child into this world for them, it is a bit of a daunting task to choose the best school for their child. Every parent is a bit skeptical before taking the big decision for their child, after all, it is one decision that could make or break a child’s career.

And, why not? The education system now just does not solely focus upon the grades of a child but now takes responsibility for many more things. School is the second home to a child and based upon the wise decision made by the parents, a child’s future is decided.

In the world which is rat racing towards grades and marks, children must be groomed and equal attention must be paid to their creative and intuitive skills too. So, before you take admission for your kid you must be well aware of what the school has to offer apart from just lessons.

Studies and researches have suggested that stressful and overcrowded environments can become the reason behind the poor learning capabilities of a child. Some institutions are vulnerable to noisy environments and that is what affects the children a lot.

An environment that has disciplined and sincere students their children have to follow a similar pattern and they become what they are raised into. The external conditions play a major role in fostering a child’s overall development.

Extracurricular Activities

The role of educationalists and researchers is the most important out of all as they play the most important role in the development of a child and it is also an undeniable fact that they help develop the social and leadership skills of a person.

Parents need to understand that children need more than just theoretical knowledge, they need exposure, need to be involved in extra-curricular activities so they are more than just cramming machines. To survive in the highly competitive world just theoretical knowledge won’t help.

Access to modernity

More and more schools are marking their presence in the most advanced way which is the digital one. In the present time which is the advanced one, parents do not need to visit the school premises every now and then to make themselves accessible to the students and parents.

The official website of the school also gives a platform to students, teachers, and parents to interact, get to know about each other and many more things.

As the 21st-century parents who are constantly running to make the ends meet and striving to get better with time and the fast-paced world, it is not easy for them to communicate with the school authorities and their child’s teachers every now and then.

So, next time you need to check the proficiency of the school then make sure that you keep in mind the modernity in mind and also the digital existence.

Choose an environment that will help raise adaptable kids

Schools are a window to the huge challenging world that is waiting for the kids outside. So, kids must be adaptable to all things different, they will not live in the safe cocoon forever.

Choose a school for the child that ha students from different cultures, an institution that promotes all the cultures, religions, treats all the students from all the backgrounds, color, creed, sex equally.

What children see and around them they practice it for their entire lives and you wouldn’t want your child to be a sexist, racist.

Students vs Teacher Ratio

One of the major checkpoints for the selection of a school for a child is the student-teacher ratio. Every child cannot be given individual attention and having a less number of kids helps teachers to concentrate better.

A class full of many students may not be possible for a teacher to attend every student equally. Many schools have children more than the teachers can handle and it ends up creating a chaotic environment for the kids rather than helping the students to understand things better.

Generally 14:1 student ratio is considered perfect and if it is anything above that then you must reconsider sending your child to that school.

Especially, in the early classes, individual attention is very much important. The Holy Trinity Diocesan High School in New York maintains 12:1 student teacher ratios in order to provide individual attention to every student for their better understanding.

However, the national average that should be maintained for the student-teacher ratio is set at 12:1. So, the private schools these days are doing quite good by emphasizing more on giving quality education to limited students rather than taking in a huge number of students and not giving importance to any of them.

So, now as parents, you know what to look for in a school while shortlisting a few out of your long list.


Budgets are also imperative to which school we choose. When you are raising a child your sole responsibility is not just to pay the school fees but it extends way beyond than that.

Apart from school fees, the clothing, transportation, extra-curricular activities, and many other minute things also need your investment, time and money. It is better to keep all the things in mind, decide if it suits your budget and only then proceeds.

Competence of the Faculty

It is one of the most important points. Check the reviews of the teachers and the schools. The educational background of the teachers will decide what the educational environment of the school.

You do everything within your reach to provide your child with simply the best. Education is the building block of your child’s future. Analyze, understand and educate yourself on what your child needs, which school will be the best for him/her because every child is different so are their needs, talents. Begin by taking one step at a time. Good Luck!

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