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How to Build Links & Boost Traffic by Using Trending Topics

How to Grow Traffic Using Trending Topic?

Staying on top of people’s minds is all that brands pay heed to these days. From SEO tactics to ways to make the content more viral, the companies will do ANY… literally, anything to make themselves visible to their target market. And rightfully so. It is all about digital marketing these days. As interesting as it may seem, the job of digital marketers is quite challenging. One finds it very difficult to keep up with the growing competition.

But you are not left with any other option either, or are you? The availability of services like Spectrum Internet plans to almost everyone has converted the web into a place with gigantic competition.

While this all may sound difficult, if you employ the right tactics, staying on top of your customer’s mind is not impossible.

Here are some ways by which you can build links and boost traffic by using trending topic.

Stay Ahead

You need to up your ‘staying ahead of time and trends’ game if you really wish to prosper at boosting traffic to your website.

Stay ahead of the trends, your content is most likely to go viral. Because by the time you see too much of a topic on social media, you should know that you are late, and introducing any content regarding that topic after this would be nothing but a waste of time.

However, this should not worry you if your social media game is strong. If you have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the chances of you missing out on the hottest topics are less. Therefore, resort to the following:

  • Google Trends
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

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Seek Opportunities

Once you have shortlisted the trending topics, it’s show time. You have to take this as an opportunity to create a unique and amazing piece of content.

An article that is more capable of going viral than the news itself. That is where the role of creative writers comes in.

Because duplicating the same piece of information in simple words won’t attract or excite the audience.

You would have to give your article some unique element that makes it stand out. This can only happen if you address the following:

  • Recognize and fill the gap that the existing content isn’t
  • Learn about the interest of your audience
  • See what your competitors are talking about
  • What type of content will earn you links

Addressing these things will aid you in coming up with content that is capable enough of going viral using trending topic.

Is it ‘Share-Worthy?’

Once you have discovered the interest of your audience and have identified the gaps that exist, it is your turn to come up with shareable content. Not only shareable but linkable too.

To increase web traffic and attract celebrated websites for linking purposes, pay keen attention to the following:


You should know what is it that will engage your audience. Whether it will be an infographic or a blog. You decide and create the content accordingly.


Make sure that the message that you deliver is straightforward and to the point. Because the quicker the audience will consume the information, the faster will they share it with their peers.


Expand your audience.


Graphics/Animations/Visualisation are a much better idea than words. In fact, according to research, visual content continues to dominate the digital space. Images, animated graphics, and videos tend to attract more people and increase the engagement of the audience.


Once you have developed the content, it is time to share it with people. But the question is that what platforms will you share it on? You cannot just go about sharing your content wherever and whenever you please.

Develop a strategy to circulate and syndicate your content. Simply sharing your trending topic content on Facebook won’t do you much good. Think and act beyond it. Some of the ideas to make your content more likable to the social media community are:

  • Make video slides rather than written content.
  • Take Facebook Live as an opportunity to promote your content.
  • Connect with influencers.
  • Run ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Reach the target audience through emails

But make sure that you do not annoy your audience. There is a thin line between annoying and reaching out. You need to make sure you remain within the boundary of outreach.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in coming up with content that is link-worthy. One thing that you should remember is that optimization is also very important.

A friend works on Cox Internet packages and she shared her experience of keeping up with the trends in the market. And coming up with unique ideas to promote content. So, it is not an easy task but not impossible either.

Happy Linking!

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