How Deadly are Coronavirus and its Effect

How Deadly Coronavirus is?

Some of the experts believe that Wuhan pandemic virus may not be as deadly as other coronaviruses like Sars and Mers were.Sars – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Mers – Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. It is believed that Mers transmitted into humans from animals like Arabian camels. The bats are considered to be original hosts for both corona viruses.

More than 8,000 people get infected and 750 died in 2002 when Sars spread widely and unchecked in 37 countries. It looks like that Mers appears to spread less easily in humans. However, it has a high lethal rate of killing maximum people of those have been infected. So, in short Coronavirus and its effect has been really worse.

The novel virus of coronavirus family hasn’t been encountered like other examples, Ebola and flu before. The virus has come from animals and many of the people who get infected are either working in the seafood wholesale market of Chinese city or are the frequent shoppers in the Hunan seafood market. It has been confirmed that the troubling coronavirus originates from the animal hosts. We will shortly discuss more about Coronavirus and its effect on human beings.

Symptoms of Wuhan Coronavirus

It has been seen that the coronavirus causes pneumonia and those who have fallen ill have suffered from cough, breathing difficulties and fever. In several cases, it has been reported to suffer an organ failure as well.

Antibiotics are of no use as this is viral pneumonia. In hospitals, patients are getting complete support for the lungs and other organs. The antiviral drugs are failure and recovery of a patient depends entirely on the strength of the immune system. Those who have died due to the coronavirus were already in poor health.

Possibly between 2 to 14 days, the illness can go undetected. In an infected person, the symptoms take time to appear and this can be very vital information for prevention and control. In the incubation period, the authorities are allowed to observe people in quarantine who may have been exposed.

Other Affected Countries

The most cases of infection and killing of people due to the coronavirus have been reported in the Hubei province of China. Outside of mainland China, Philippines is the only country that has reported about the fatality of the new virus.
[COVID19]Fewer cases have been reported in some Asian countries, some parts of Europe, Australia, Middle East and North America. Most of the dozen cases in all those countries are among those people who have recently travelled to China. So, Coronavirus and its effect is spreading to other countries now.

Key Concerns of Experts

Experts are in fear that the coronavirus might spread widely even more during the week-long holiday due to lunar new year. It started on 24th of January and millions of Chinese people travel home to celebrate the festival. In Wuhan and other provinces of China are under lock down.

The people in poor health are under greater risk as it is always the case with flu. The major concern is the severity of the symptoms. In patients, it has been seen the cases of mild illness while others have become severely ill.

It has become really difficult to establish the correct number of infected people and at what extent the transmission will be.

The W.H.O has declared the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus a global health emergency and they have acknowledged that disease represents a risk to other countries beyond China. For a temporary basis, entries to non-citizens who have recently traveled to China have been denied to enter.

Coronavirus Vaccines

A vaccine could be helpful in preventing the infection and stop the spread of the disease. However, the vaccine takes time. But vaccines takes several months to get ready for human trials. Researchers are already studying the genome of the new coronavirus and they have successfully found the crucial protein for the infection.

They have cautioned that it may take months or years after the initial phase of trials to conduct extensive testing. This can be done to prove whether a vaccine is safe and effective.

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