Here’s Why You’ll Love Liquid EHR Software in 2021

What is Liquid EHR Software?

Liquid EHR is a cloud-based medical software solution for small to medium-sized optometry clinics. It includes practice management software, medical billing software, patient scheduling tools, and a telemedicine solution.

It’s one thing to provide optometry-specific services; it’s quite another to create software that caters to the demands of an optometrist. Yet, that is precisely what Liquid EHR accomplishes.

The program offers various services centred on simplifying, streamlining, and automating clinical and administrative procedures. As a result, the software looks after most of your time-consuming tasks, thereby allowing you to give quality care to your patients.

Services such as e-insurance filing tools, patient reminders, and medicine and allergy interaction checks are available to optometrists and eye specialists via EHR Software. You can also connect your lab to your EHR software for instant lab reports, alerts, and patient reminders.

Top Benefits of Liquid EHR Software

The Liquid EHR Software came into reality with small and medium-sized optometry offices in mind. Optometrists created it to provide the fundamental capabilities that practices require while still being simple to use.

Liquid EHR Software provides medical records management, scheduling tools, and billing services. In addition, you may quickly incorporate lab test results, examine clinical summaries, and send patient reminders seamlessly.

Here’s a quick rundown of the significant features of Liquid EHR that users laud in Liquid EHR reviews.

Secure Data

Image findings are a vital aspect of your work as an Optometrist; thus, the EHR you use must offer capabilities to assist you in the diagnostic and treatment process.

With Liquid EHR, you may maintain the patient database using HIPAA secure platform, allowing you to store photographs. Apart from that, you can also organize the pictures by making notes on them with your observations, ensuring that all of the image’s data remains protected.

Appointment Scheduling Tool

Liquid EHR Software also offers a robust appointment scheduling tool that allows you to make as many appointments as you can manage in a single day. According to Liquid EHR reviews, this feature makes it easy for you to manage your schedule.

You can manage all of your patients’ current and scheduled appointments with the appointment scheduling tool. You may also reschedule appointments as needed and handle any waitlists quickly to ensure your patients enjoy the best possible experience.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is a necessary component for every medical practice. It streamlines your workflow by allowing the patients to schedule appointments, receive test results, and pay bills by themselves.

Therefore, making information easily accessible to patients is crucial for running an eye care practice. You can also engage with patients and assist them in scheduling appointments, checking their visit summaries, and even handling their bills from their portal’s comfort by using the Liquid EHR patient portal. You can navigate through the various capabilities of the patient portal during the EHR demo.

Electronic Prescription

Another well-appreciated feature, according to Liquid EHR reviews, is the e-prescription tool. The feature is beneficial as it allows you to send prescriptions to your patient’s preferred pharmacy digitally. Patients can also receive them at a suitable time according to their convenience.

When you use EHR, you may rapidly prescribe medications to your patients using the e-prescription feature. However, according to reviews, this feature also notifies about potentially harmful drug interactions. The Liquid EHR demo provides a comprehensive overview of this feature.


Telehealth is critical in managing medical practices in 2021, as we are still dealing with a global pandemic that has hindered people’s capacity to visit a clinic.

Using virtual telehealth visits from Liquid EHR will help you ensure your and your patient’s safety by allowing them to maintain their eye health without having to leave the house.

In addition, the telehealth feature will enable you to consult the patients from virtually anywhere. Patients can also receive consultations from the comfort of their homes, thereby reducing the spread of illness.

Excellent Customer Support

Email support is available from the vendor at Liquid EHR’s official website. Liquid EHR reviews attest to the fact that it offers exceptional technical assistance.

Their customer service representatives are incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and professional. They even assist on Saturdays in the event of an emergency. However, The support team works directly with you to assist in restoring the systems with little disruption.

Most importantly, they respond quickly to update requests and treat consumer input carefully. Unlike other systems, training new personnel takes only a few hours rather than weeks.


Liquid EHR pricing begins at $199 per provider each month for their in-office version. Meanwhile, Liquid cloud-based EHR pricing starts at $299 per provider per month.

All pricing options include free email and phone tech support, implementation and online training, system updates, and additional features. This pricing also consists of a Liquid EHR Telehealth module.


One of the most prominent optometry software programs is Liquid EHR. Therefore, To assist you in better understanding the software, they have developed a list of benefits and cons based on customer evaluations and feedback from various online sources.


  • Software is simple, easy to use and reasonably priced.
  • Robust EHR reduces the use of paper-based procedures
  • The company offers an exceptional client service


  • Medical receipts are difficult for patients to comprehend.
  • It takes a lot of clicks to finish charting.

Verdict About Liquid EHR Software

Liquid EHR is an ONC-ACB certified cutting-edge EHR solution with a practice management system built for simplicity of use and speed. In addition, it is expandable to the demands of an eye care physician. A group of forward-thinking doctors created it for the eye care business to secure industrial strength multi-user, multi-office access to patient data.

However, we recommend that you contact the vendor for clarification and request a demo to determine whether this solution meets your clinical and business goals. Moreover, we suggest reading various reviews to explore the software from a current users’ perspective.

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