How to Get Started with Your Bullet Journal

The beauty of the bullet journal has enticed many people to buy stationery online. Bullet journaling is a specific method of arranging ideas and plans neatly and systematically. It entails thoughtful preparation, and it is also designed to help enhance your awareness in terms of how you make plans and put your thoughts into words.

With so many major and stressful events that have transpired this 2020, it’s not surprising how one’s train of thought would go haywire. Imagine having your major plans ruined right at the beginning of the year. Not to mention, spending months quarantined at home without seeing your friends or relatives can potentially make things worse.

Working on bullet journals is a therapeutic way of dealing with the current stress that you are going through.

What are the key pointers in bullet journaling?

One of the best things about bullet journals is its versatility. It is not just a method for creating to-do lists—it encompasses everything.

It can help you create a reference for your plans and even for the current situation in your personal life and work status. You can also use it to help curb unhealthy habits, start a new hobby, keep track of a new project, or monitor your overall well being.


  • Create an index or a short guide.

The index or guide for your bullet journal should be located on the first page. It is where you specify page numbers and definitions for specific symbols or codes. It depends on your journal’s content.

For instance, a heart symbol would mean weekly goals related to your health, boxes would refer to tasks you need to complete, checkmarks mean tasks that you have completed, and the list goes on.

It would be ideal for creating separate sets of indexes for different aspects of your life (family and relationship goals, self-care goals, career goals).

  • Specify daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

You don’t need to go immediately into the specifics of what you want to achieve a couple of months or years from now. Start with general objectives that you have already set in the past and try to align it with your routine as you go through each day of the month.


What tasks or deadlines need completing for the week or month? Do you have important appointments in a few weeks? Are you planning to embrace a new hobby in a couple of months? Creating monthly logs enables you to map out your objectives and flesh it out even more.

  • Put your heart into it.

There is surely no shortage of creativity and colour when it comes to creating a bullet journal. Pick a journal or notebook with blank pages if you want more freedom for your artistic visions. Otherwise, you can buy stationery online or shop for ruled, dot grid, or grid notebooks.


Use colours that resonate with you or incorporate patterns that help condition your brain into adopting a healthier mindset. Bullet journaling is an opportunity for you to put the pictures and words in your mind onto paper. Make it as unique as you can, and don’t forget to enjoy it!

Bullet journaling is like a wonderful and personal journey where you can explore your present and equip yourself better for the future you aspire to have.

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