8 Blazing Ideas for a Garage Conversion in Los Angeles

Transforming your unused garage to make it useful for your family or rent it to others is a wise decision. Adding an extra space with a bedroom or drawing room can increase your property’s cost for future buyers.

Thus, for that, garage conversions should be done properly to make it look as it is part of your house rather than an extension. Now, apart from the plan, you must also know about the power sockets and layout. So, below are some ideas for a garage conversion in Los Angeles:

1. Comfortable Converted Garage

To match up with the true modernization, you can turn the idle garage conversion Los Angeles into a relaxed and well-designed living space, which involves switching your metal framed doors into sliding ones. Or if you want to transform back the garage to its normal state, you can leave the doors as it is and lock it normally.

garage conversion ideas

You can keep doing simple renovations over the garage, i.e. by draping up the walls with fabric, supplemented with a rug or carpet to give a feeling of the living room. These types of transportable materials will give a look and feel of softness and can also be easily detached when you want to keep your car again.

You can add side tables for eating or drinking purposes, or sofas for comfortable sleeping and resting. Moreover, you can add flower pots that can give a cozier feeling, thus making it perfect for small hangouts.

2. Open Floor Plan Conversion

This full renovation will be marked as one of the excellent garage conversion ideas if you want to extend your space from your home by demolishing the walls in between your garage and home. This open floor extension can be an ideal idea for entertainment purposes in the city of Hollywood.

One can build a larger kitchen or living room for joint families. If the wall colouring is made with some colours with a lighter shade, it can easily illuminate the room with light coming from the windows during the daytime.

3. Family-Friendly Lounge Conversion

Now many of you in Los Angeles has a detached garage, well that can be transformed as well. Your family members can feel a bit cramped with small space, so add a family lounge area with the detached garage.

Now, for garage conversion in Los Angeles, you can either paint the flooring with concrete color or add extra flooring over it, along with a stripped ship lab texture on the wall to amplify the look. You can surely add a glass door, which can extract light even when it is closed.

You can add a bar table and stools for refreshments with your friends. It can be a good idea in the city which needs partying.

4. Art Studio Conversion

If you have an aim to hunt more on arts and creativity, but you don’t have the space to do it. Then why not converting your unused garage into an art studio and shape a productive future for it.

You can use simple wooden flooring, or white or light-coloured walls along with wooden beams fixed with a ceiling fan to it, to match with the wooden flooring. If you don’t have skylights, you can add them later on, to bring in more natural light, which will be beneficial for an artist.

5. Create a Double Storey Conversion to Max Opportunities

So, you have a garage spacious for a single car and with a decent ceiling height with a wall that attached the house with the garage, now you want to transform it.

So, you can construct a galleried sleeping area by providing a base to the top surface. And, under the base, there can be anything you like, e.g. kitchen, living room, etc.

You can also add sound insulations to the walls of the roofs and beams of steel that support the roof. You can also dig some mud to raise the gap between the room and the floor. And later add concrete slabs or flooring to it.

6. Convert the Garage into a Home Office

If you consult with garage conversion specialists for a practical and productive conversion to the garage, they might suggest you transform it into an office room. This can help you isolate yourself from your family for a while, or you can meet your clients in this place.


To retain much light, it is advisable to invest much in good binds or skylights. You must also change the door to the glass door for more light and air to come in. Now design the room with colors that looks premium over the wall, and smoothen up the floor with tiles or marble.

7. Convert the Garage into a Living Room

You can even turn your single or double space garage into a guesthouse or living room if you require extra space to meet your needs.

You can easily transform the underused garage space into a spacious place, with an amazing window view toward the “Hollywood” signboard. For that firstly, you have to add a window frame by contacting garage conversion contractors.

You can fill up the living room with sofa beds that will help in sleeping for your guest and family members. And you can also add a television set for entertainment.

8. Kids Playroom Garage Conversion

You can also revamp the look of your garage, which will be suitable for your kids of any certain age. Keeping aside the stuff for adults like kitchen, or office, you can create a playroom that is full of positivity.

You can add light shaded wall colors, and use the illustration of a cartoon character. You can also change the flooring, added with a rug for more comfortability.

So, if you live in Los Angeles, CA, and want to utilize the unutilized part of the home, i.e. the garage, then worry no more as Levi Design Build can help you in this. Levi Design Build can help you optimize that space for productivity. They can make out suitable plans, will grant you city permits, and will get your garage transformed from beginning to end.

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