Four Different Types of Dental Services

Do you have a family dentist? Has he/she ever referred you to another professional? Even though general dentists are experts at restorative, diagnostic, and preventative services, not all of them provide cosmetic, pediatric, and endodontic treatments. In order not to visit several offices, make sure to find a versatile dental office, offering a variety of dental services to patients.

Learn About Four Different Types of Dental Services

1. Cosmetic Procedures

Among the most popular dental services are those related to cosmetic dentistry, aimed at improving the appearance of patients’ teeth.

For instance, teeth-whitening treatments are sought-after by individuals in a search for a brighter smile, eager to eliminate the discoloration and stains on their enamel. In contrast, people with chipped and broken teeth look for services such as the installation of dental implants, crowns, and veneers.

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Moreover, bonding is yet another popular cosmetic treatment used by patients whose teeth are fractured and decayed. In order for a dentist to perform a bonding procedure, he/she makes a paste out of composite resin and applies several layers to each tooth.

Cosmetic dentists use ultraviolet light to harden the layers and complete the procedure by polishing the material. The ultimate goal of bonding is to make patients’ teeth smooth and nice-looking. Click here for a better insight into the procedure of teeth bonding.

2. Endodontic Procedures

Endodontic services are provided by dentists whose patients have problems with diseased or infected teeth. When the core of the tooth becomes infected, endodontists perform root canal procedures to remove the damaged tissue and restore the function of the tooth as much as possible.

Additionally, root canals are usually performed in the case of deep cavities or cracked teeth. Whenever patients experience pain to hot and cold, as well as while chewing, they need to see a dentist to diagnose their issue.

The same goes for symptoms such as tender gums, darkened gums, and gum pimples. When patients report some of these symptoms to their family dentists, they usually refer them to a professional in the field of endodontic dentistry.

3. Pediatric Services

Pediatric dental services are aimed at treating dental issues in youngsters, ranging from infants to teenagers. Pediatric dentists are equipped with special skills required for taking care of children’s oral health. These professionals are supposed to have a kid-friendly attitude in order to make the experience of kids coming to the office fun and stress-free.

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Furthermore, pediatric dentists perform routine services like dental cleanings, regular exams, cavities, etc. When looking for a Mcallen dentist, make sure you choose family-friendly dentistry that provides pediatric services. The job of pediatric specialists is to keep track of the development of kids’ teeth in order to prevent potential misalignment issues and oral diseases.

4. Diagnostic exams

Diagnostics and preventative dentistry is another important field of dental services whose ultimate goal is to keep oral health in an optimal condition. The role of these preventative and diagnostic services offered by general dentists is to impede dental issues and diseases from taking place.

X-ray exams provide a detailed insight into the oral cavity of patients. For example, bitewing provides dentists with a comprehensive image of both the upper and lower teeth. In case they need to see the condition of a specific tooth, the best type of x-ray would be the periapical one. When the dentist requires an extensive view of the entire oral cavity, a panoramic x-ray is the right choice of an exam.

Another common type of dental exam is the one detecting symptoms of oral cancer. When performing such exams, hygienists inspect the jaw and neck area, as well as the tongue, lips, and cheeks. Visit the following link, to learn what happens during such a screening test.

Moreover, a dental impression is required for the purpose of bite evaluation, mouth guard creation, as well as the creation of bleaching trays. In the course of these procedures, hygienists use a material similar to gelatin to create an impression of the mouth.

Final word

Staying on top of your oral health is best done by attending regular exams and check-ups. Upon noticing signs of a severe issue, don’t waste time contacting the right professional! Follow our website for more oral care topic.

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