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Bahria Projects (PVT) Limited is the face of the Bahria Town housing schemes spread across the country. Just hearing the names of these projects, one immediately thinks of trust, quality, luxury, and style.

Mr. Malik Riaz initiated the project in the capital of the city, but now the project has been established and received very well by the people of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi as well as the city of gardens, Lahore. Similar to all the Bahria Town projects, Bahria Town Lahore is one of the most extraordinary housing schemes in Pakistan. The project has many features and facilities to make the lives of the residents easy and comfortable.

Bahria Town has proved to be a real game-changer in the real estate market of Lahore. The Bahria Town project is one of the largest and most ambitious projects ever undertaken by any company in Pakistan. It is a prime example of how to develop the property for sustainable living.

The Bahria Town project has transformed Lahore’s landscape, with 12 million square feet of land now available for development on what was once barren ground, it has become Pakistan’s second most populous city after Karachi.

Bahria Town, Lahore

apartment for sale in Lahore
Bahria Town Lahore

This particular housing scheme spans over a huge area, so much so that it can be called a city within a city. The project was designed in the Greco – Roman style of infrastructure, giving the residential scheme a unique look.

The project is very beautifully built with huge interconnected roads, with green belts and palm trees lining the roads. 

The scheme is also considered as one of the safest places to live, with a 24 hours surveillance system and good security system with CCTV cameras. Furthermore, the security roams around the project around the clock.

Built to meet the needs of every individual and their family, the town has luxurious apartments, villas, and houses. To keep with the standard of quality set in all the Bahria town projects, the developers have houses, buildings and all the facilities built with top quality material. 

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Facilities & Amenities in Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is a mega real estate project in Lahore which is providing new streamlines of high standard living to Lahore residents.

This town in Lahore has almost every kind of facility imaginable as well as all the world-class amenities. Bahria Town apartment for sale in Lahore has quickly evolved to become the foremost Pakistan property that is increasingly becoming popular.

These facilities include:

    Gated community Secured boundary Uninterrupted supply of electricity Residential areas Commercial areas Public transport Popular supermarkets Stores Electronic stores Mobile stores Religious centres Educational institutes Top-rated banks 

There is no doubt in saying this, that Bahria town is one of the most beautiful looking housing schemes Pakistan has ever experienced. Bahria town has changed the way of living for Pakistanis.

It surely amplified the way of living and gave Pakistan a place where the residents can enjoy facilities and amenities that are essential for living but are not available easily.

It is evident that the price of living is a bit high and not many can afford to live there. But once you move to Bahria town to live. your life changes, you get fresh air, beautiful houses and apartments to live in. and cleanliness is one of the biggest perks you can find in Bahria town.

Although Bharia town is far from the city, the commute time to and from this area takes time. It’s worth living in that place. 

How to reach out to Bahria Town Lahore?

 If you wish to learn more about Bahria Town Lahore or the projects within the housing scheme, you can call this toll-free number 0800- 00100. Officers of Bahria Town Management are there to answer any of your queries twenty-four hours throughout the week. 

If you wish to buy an apartment for sale in Lahore within the bounds of the project, you can contact the management at the given number or you can head to JagahOnline and let our trusted real estate agents handle all your worries. 

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