Dolphin Discovery is the only member of ALLIANCE in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is one of the top destinations in Mexico and the most unique with his combination of desert and sea that creates an astonishing Oasis, not like other tourist destinations in Mexico like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta with tropical weathers.

Between all the activities that Los Cabos have to offer, there is one special, the Swim with dolphins in Los Cabos, an activity that can’t miss in any important beach destination, however, Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos stands out from all, this is because they are members of the ALLIANCE.

The Alliance of Marine Mammal Park and Aquariums accredits that the members provides the animals in their facilities with the best cares and attentions, also they have to teach valuable information about the marine mammals and connect with them to provide greater conservation efforts with their guests.

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The importance of being a member of the ALLIANCE is that they guarantee that any member takes care and gives the best life possible to the animals they care, if any of the members fail with this, they retire the accreditation at the moment.

Swimming With Dolphins

Swim with dolphins isn’t the only experience you can live in Dolphin Discovery, you can also have an awesome sea lion interaction and discover the difference between them and seals. Finally, Los Cabos is a desert so is a good habitat for the camels, meet them, learn from them, and give them a kiss!

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