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Digital Marketing Career in India – Scope and Growth

The ongoing digitization in India has created a huge demand for professionals that are skilled in digital promotions. Identifying the significance of online promotions on popular online platforms, brands and businesses are putting their best efforts to make a lead in the race which requires expertise in the field.

Online presence is yet to grow more locally as well as globally, that will carry the trend forward. Therefore, digital marketing offers a lucrative career in the 21st century. Let us see some features on why it will be one of the most exciting career options and what is the scope of a digital marketing career in India.

The scope of Digital Marketing Career

HIGH REACH – Increasing smartphones and online platforms usage have put a limit on conventional media. The high presence of online audience has urged business people to make online promotions.

This requires a high demand for digital marketing experts that can handle online marketing campaigns. With the changing digital marketing environment, it is essential to identify the shift of customers on digital platforms for a better reach.

PROFITABLE – When we make use of online marketing channels, we spend less amount of money as compared to the traditional means like newspaper and television. High lead capturing and conversions make online marketing strategies to be a preferred choice as you reach masses around the globe.

Overall this makes online platforms low on investments and high on returns. This benefit holds even more significance for small and medium enterprises as well as the new startup companies. This would always require trained professionals that can formulate and implement digital campaigns suitably to derive the maximum returns out of a given investment.

FREELANCING – Before even getting hired for a job or an internship, you can make a strong online presence by increasing your followers on social sites or by starting your blog and gaining popularity. This will make you stand out among others when you seek employment opportunities. There are many examples of people who made their careers after showcasing their abilities online. You just require the necessary skills and an internet connection to handle projects without being physically present at official workplaces.

TRACKABLE – A digital campaign that is run online can be easily measured as the platforms over which the campaign progresses, provide many indices to measure the current status of the campaign. The different aspects of a campaign can be analyzed to identify the areas where improvement is needed or the areas which have performed more than expected. Moreover, there are also many online tools to measure the overall success of a strategy.

MORE CAREER CHOICE – Digital marketing is a wide term that offers various specializations under it. You can choose any of these for excellence according to your interests and abilities.
Some major specializations are as under.

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SEO – The objective of search engine optimization is to make a website rank higher in the search engine result pages to maximize the audience views. A website can perform reasonably only if it is managed under the guidance of an SEO expert. A site is considered more worthful by search engines if it publishes more engaging content which boosts your online rankings.

SMM – Social media marketing comprises of attracting audiences on the pages of brands that are present on various social sites. Social media is used extensively since the internet started gaining popularity.

E-mail Marketing – Various brands are promoted online by sending e-mails pertaining to discounts, offers or other related events. Designing the content of these e-mails require skill.
Hence, email marketing is another specialization.

Video Marketing – Engaging videos are very popular among people that have taken the place of TV commercials. Producing such videos that can be utilized for marketing serves as another area of specialization.

Apart from these, there are many more sub-fields like affiliate marketing, PPC, Inbound marketing, content marketing etc. that offer more variety to the candidates in choosing a profession.
If you are certified and possess working experience in projects, then you have good chances of getting hired at companies as they are always looking for skillful candidates. Getting into a specialization would help you get more job opportunities over having some basic knowledge.

Digitization is only meant to grow in future times as they are increasingly touching every sphere of our lives. The example of e-commerce companies, the education sector, and online financial transactions are just some examples of how the digitization has totally transformed our lifestyle.

Digitization has revolutionized the way people connect and work. Companies realize the presence of digital marketing experts in the present scene which they cannot ignore or they will be left behind in the competition. Marking a presence in the digital world is no longer an option but a necessity for survival in the present and future times.

With so many jobs present and so many opportunities in the future, there seems no chance for a recession in this field. It offers high salaries if you are result oriented who gets the job done. Another advantage is that you need not to be from any particular educational background. Just learn to master the skills that can bring business and there is no looking backward.


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