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Plantation Shutters vs. Traditional Shutters: What’s the Difference?

Know the Different Types of Window Shutters

Plantation shutters are the most popular shutters in the United States. Learning about the types of window shutters will improve your home design skills.

Both types of shutters have different origins. Plantation shutters have Southern roots while traditional shutters are from New England. As such, each of these shutter types has its own advantages.

It’s likely that you’re spending more time at home than ever before. You deserve to have shutters that suit your home environment and aesthetic.

Here’s what you should know about plantation shutters and traditional shutters:

Traditional Shutters 101

Traditional shutters are also called “colonial shutters,” and they’re always made of wood. The louvers of traditional shutters are usually smaller than those of plantation shutters. That’s part of why they work so well with smaller windows.

Get traditional shutters if you want shutters that complement different types of windows. Traditional shutters come in standard sizes, so they work well with different types of windows. Nonetheless, because they pair so well with small windows, experts consider them to be ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

People choose traditional shutters when their design theme is country or early American. Traditional shutters add a classic touch to any home they’re installed in. Plus, good window protection.

Plantation Shutters 101

As window treatments, plantation shutters have a contemporary charm. They provide privacy and protection from the sun when closed. Also, they let plenty of light into a room when they’re open.

These shutters are usually made from PVC, wood, or a combination of both. heir louvers tend to range between 1 7/8 to 5 ½ inches.

Plantation shutters are the most energy-efficient window treatment option available. These shutters keep you cool during warm months and warm during cold months. In turn, this will lower your bills and help you save money in the long run.

Bigger and Better

Due to their wide louvers, plantation shutters work well with large window treatments, including window blinds for the home. They also make a room appear larger, especially when you leave them open on a sunny day.

If you’re going to mix plantation shutters with window blinds, make sure they’re close in terms of color. This ensures they’ll match each other and even the room if you enjoy colour-coordinating. If you’re exploring different types of window blinds, take the room’s color scheme into account when deciding on a color.

The easiest plantation shutter installation available is also the most affordable option around. Check out the aforementioned link to learn more about plantation shutters and get them installed in your home.

Remember: It’s better to have a professional install your plantation shutters rather than try to install them yourself. Never take up DIY projects that surpass your skill level.

Choosing Between the Types of Window Treatments is Simple

The first-ever shutters came from ancient Greece. Fortunately, these two types of window shutters are going to be in style for a long time.

The primary purposes of shutters are letting in light and allowing ventilation. If you play your cards right, your shutters will also complement the rest of your home.

Upgrade your home—check out our home decor articles. It’ll inspire you to beautify your living space.

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