7 Common Errors with Selecting Jewelry and How to Avoid Them

Buying jewelry doesn’t have to be a struggle. It would help if you had a few simple tips and tricks under your belt before selecting pieces.

You must avoid these common mistakes if you’re new to purchasing jewelry. In this buying guide, we’ll teach you the most common errors with selecting jewelry, so you’ll avoid them at all costs.

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1. Misjudging the Quality of Metal Used

When selecting jewelry, one standard error to watch out for is misjudging the quality of the metal used. Some jewelry manufacturers try to save money by using lower-quality metals, such as alloys with a lower purity level or plated metals instead of solid gold or silver.

To avoid this error, take the time to research different types of metal used and compare quality and cost. Ensure that all jewelry pieces are accompanied by certificates stating information about the metal used, such as the carat weight.

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It is also a good idea to go to a trusted jeweler who provides lab-certified jewelry and has a good reputation for quality and authenticity. Reading online reviews and asking questions about the metal used can help ensure that the jewelry purchased is of the highest quality possible.

2. Investing in the Wrong Size & Fit

When investing in jewelry, selecting the correct size and fit is crucial. One of the most common errors in selecting jewelry is buying the wrong size and fit.

It can be particularly problematic with rings or earrings that must be adjustable. It is essential to measure your finger or earlobe size with precision. Additionally, some jewelry stores may even have sizing charts readily available or professionals who will help you find the perfect size and fit.

It is also advantageous to try on the jewelry in-person before purchasing, as this can help you identify the best size and fit and determine if the piece looks as appealing as it did online.

3. Misleading Jewelry Photography

Misleading jewelry photography is one of the most common errors when selecting jewelry. Buying jewelry online takes work. Many pictures of jewelry online are edited to make it look more attractive or appear larger than it is.

Choosing a piece of jewelry based on a photograph that doesn’t accurately represent the item’s size, material, shape, or color is likely to lead to disappointment when it arrives. To avoid this, read the description carefully to ensure the jewelry is what you expect.

Please compare the photo to the physical item before purchasing. If available, ask for additional photographs from different angles or an accurate representation of the item’s size.

4. Making Purchases Without Certification

When selecting jewelry, one mistake that is often made is not viewing the piece with a certified appraiser or other professional. A reputable appraiser or professional can accurately assess the jewelry’s quality, material, luster, and craftsmanship.

Without this certification, there is the potential for a buyer to inadvertently purchase a false or lower-grade piece of jewelry than they expected. Working with a professional to ensure the authenticity of a jewelry purchase is essential.

Additionally, paying attention to any markings, brand information, and resell policies is essential. The marking should always appear clear and concise, and you should overlook no fine print.

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5. Failing to Consider Your Skin Tone

Common mistakes with selecting jewelry relate to one’s skin tone. Failing to consider your skin tone when choosing jewelry can lead to buying pieces that either clash with your skin or don’t bring out the best of your features.

Generally, those with a more relaxed skin tone should stick to cool-colored metals like white gold or silver. Wearing a warm metal against a calm skin tone can leave one looking washed out.

On the contrary, those with a warmer complexion should select warmer metals like yellow gold and rose gold. Wearing a cool metal can make features seem too stark. Additionally, individuals with warmer skin tones should choose gemstones and colors to add warmth and vibrancy to their look. Those with cooler skin tones should pick gems and colors that add dimension, depth, and coldness.

6. Overlooking Quality Jewelry Care

It is essential to pay close attention to its quality and care instructions. One standard error is overlooking the importance of maintaining the jewelry. Quality jewelry requires proper care to keep it looking great and lasting for years.

Follow the instructions to avoid the jewelry losing its shine, tarnishing, or even becoming damaged. For items that require polishing, it is essential to remember to do so regularly.

Storing the jewelry is essential, and avoiding exposure to soaps, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals can cause discoloration or damage.

7. Failing to Identify Real vs. Synthetic Stones

One of the most common errors in selecting jewelry is failing to identify real vs. synthetic stones. Many people need to realize that many gemstones and diamonds are sold in commercially-created forms, many of which are lesser quality than natural stones.

Synthetic gems are produced in a lab that replicates conditions that replicate how a natural gemstone is formed. You can take a few simple steps to ensure that the jewelry purchased contains genuine stones.

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Firstly, purchase jewelry from reputable jewelry stores, online or brick-and-mortar, that provide valid certifications with documentation from a recognized gemologist.

Secondly, ask questions of the store representative about the stones: what is their origin, authenticity, cut, and clarity? Avoid these mistakes starting today and buy a Viking necklace here.

Errors with Selecting Jewelry Identified

Choosing the perfect jewelry can be complex and challenging. It is essential to consider factors such as material, size, and style and be aware of common errors with selecting jewelry, not listening to your gut feeling, and going outside your budget.

Understand what you are looking for and do your research before making a purchasing decision to make sure you get a piece of jewelry you are delighted with. If you need more help, contact a professional or a trusted friend. Check our blogs for more!

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