5 Best Gifts You Can Give To Employees To Show Your Appreciation

Gifts for Employees To Show Appreciation

Employee recognition award ceremony is one of the most important events of a company. As it appreciates the achievements or excellence of an employee, it boosts the productivity of the employees. Usually, trophies, awards, plaques, gift cards, and gifts are given to the employees at these events.

However, sometimes many business owners run out of ideas for their employee appreciation program. If you are looking for gift ideas that you can give your employees to appreciate their efforts, read on.

Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Below are the top five gifts you can give to employees to show your appreciation. Along with gifts, you can also use these employee award wording ideas to value your employees.

1. Professional Gifts

One of the best gift items you can give to your employees is professional gifts. It will help your employees feel motivated as well as stay in the current field in their career. Some of the best professional gifts that you can offer to your employees are as follows:

  • Magazine Subscriptions: You can give them a premium subscription to a professional magazine of their industry that will help them keep up-to-date. You should choose a credible magazine that offers real value.
  • Offer Access to Conferences: Another great way to show your appreciation is by giving them the opportunity to attend an industry-oriented conference. Some industry conferences are not affordable for employees, and you can offer them as a gift.

2. Life-Style Gifts

Life-style gifts are also great options because it shows that you value their wellness. It will keep your employees to stay connected with your company. Here are some of the best lifestyle gifts that you can give your employees to show your appreciation.

  • Fitness Tracker: It can be one of the best things that you can offer to your employees in this category of gifts.
  • Indoor Plant: Another great choice in this category is an indoor plant. It can improve indoor air quality and spread happiness throughout the day. It also sends a message that you care for their happiness and well-being.

gifts for employees

3. Event Tickets

If you know that your employees love games, sports, or any outdoor events, you can offer them event tickets. However, you should ensure one thing in advance that they haven’t booked the tickets on their own. Here are some examples of event tickets:

  • Play Tickets: You can offer your employees play or local production tickets. It helps them to enjoy their creative acts and find new meaning.
  • Sports Event Tickets: You can also offer them sports tickets like baseball, basketball, or any other sports event. You can offer tickets to individuals or groups, that depends on you.

4. Personalized Luxury Gifts

If you want to give expensive gifts to value their efforts, you can give them luxury gifts. Gifts in this category work great because your employees think you actually value their effort and consider it as a real treat. If you are planning for luxury gifts, here are some best options:

  • Watches: One of the best things in the luxury gifts category is a branded watch. To give it a personal touch, you can give them an engraved watch.
  • Jackets: You can also gift them a good quality jacket or coat, which will work well as a gift of appreciation.

5. Vacation or Trip

Last but not least, trips are becoming popular, and you can offer them as an appreciation gift. If you cannot afford it, you can give them a good quality vacation, which is also a great option.

  • First-Class Trip: If you have a high budget, you can always give them a first-class trip. As travel is important for employees, you can offer it to recognize their achievement.
  • Vacation: If you have a limited budget, you can offer them a vacation at a top-class local resort.


Hopefully, the above information has given you some great ideas on gifts for employee appreciation. If you have better options or want to add something to the list, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments section.

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