5 Beautiful Beaches to See in India

Mother Nature has definitely blessed the beautiful country of India with some of the sumptuous beaches across the globe. Be it spending time with your family, friends, or just lousing around in the hot sun, India has something for all. India has a great coastline and the diversified beaches across all these places make them worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Beaches are a perfect haven for everyone, be it a trip with family, friends, or even for couples. Normally people plan a trip to get a break and if the beaches are clean and tidy, it makes your trip really soothing. If you are planning your trip anytime soon, make sure to visit these beautiful beaches to see in India.

1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands that have some of the best beaches in India that are definitely worth paying a visit. Being one of the topmost attractions of the Havelock Island of Andaman, Radhanagar Beach is the second longest beach in the continent.

It is such an exotic beach which has crystal clear waters and mesmerizing coral views. If you are looking forward to some relaxation or just wish to take a sun bath, this is an ideal place. It makes for a great destination for couples since they would get to create so many memories here.

2. Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

Being listed amongst the cleanest beaches in India, the Agatti Beach of Lakshadweep Islands is such a beautiful beach that you must visit while you travel to India. The paradisaical landscape makes it a great holidaying spot with your family and friends.

The calm turquoise coloured water allows you to peek through the coral reef and the peaceful waves would make you feel like you have entered a totally different world! This beach is such a divine beauty and hasn’t been touched or commercialized by the visiting tourists. Do not skip visiting this beach, or you’d regret it for your life!

3. Tarkali Beach, Maharashtra

If you love water sports and activities, Tarkali Beach in the state of Maharashtra makes for the perfect spot. The most prominent feature of the beach is that it contains white sand and makes an ideal place for scuba diving, parasailing and snorkelling.

Most of the time the beach is calm and peaceful so there is hardly any risk. The walls from the nearby Sindhudurg Fort offer you with some of the most breath-taking views of the beach. Visiting this beach is a great way to escape from the everyday hectic lives and counted among the cleanest Beaches to See in India.

4. Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Yarada Beach located in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most scenic beaches in the country. Apart from the localities, this is amongst the beach destinations that very few people like to explore in the state. If you are a nature lover, you would love visiting this beach.

It doesn’t offer you with any kind of water sports or water activities, but if you just love nature and wish to lounge around with your people amidst the beautiful views, this is a great place that you can consider.

This beach is also called as golden beach since it gets golden hue all across it when the sun sets. You definitely shouldn’t skip the sunset view here!

5. Kalapathar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you are planning to visit Andaman, make sure that you do not skip visiting this beach. Kalapathar Beach is surrounded by dense forests and huge black rocks amidst the aqua green waters. It offers you with some of the most mesmerising views you would ever see!

You can also easily see the dead coral in the sea, which doesn’t make it ideal for snorkelling or swimming. However, the beach offers you with spectacular views that you wouldn’t want to skip!

These beautiful beaches are a must visit when you are planning a trip to India since they are great places to explore and have some beautiful views. If you are already on the roller coaster for some time just working working and working, its time to take a break and relax.

Beaches are always pristine and has lot of ways to relax. If you are an adventurous person who likes to do physical activities, you are going to get quite a lot on beaches. If nothing much, start making arts on sands like a kid and you will start liking the time. Do plan about the above places when you think about what beaches to see in India.

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