10 Things to Consider For Watershed Festival

As soon as summer rolls in there’s only one thing on our minds, “festivals”. This is probably the only thing why summers are so much fun. One such festival that is sure to give you the most out of your experience is the Watershed Festival. Entertaining performances from the most iconic country stars, tons of food, and craft vendors plus a list of fun activities. Get Discount Watershed Festival Tickets right now so you are ready once the fun gets started.

Located at one of the most iconic venues it’s truly a great party of all Gorge Amphitheater in George Washington. Watershed Festival Is the largest country music festival in the Pacific Northwest? Overlooking Columbia River Gorge, the most breathtaking of the views one can experience at a festival such as this. As most of the fans would already know, the festival is taking place from 31st July through 2nd August 2020. So here we are with the list of fun things to do for all festival-goers.


I hope you are as excited as we are, if yes then buy watershed tickets now and enjoy your weekend with the best lineup ever featuring popular and new country music artists.

But before you head straight to it here are some things you should know:

In its ninth year, the Watershed Festival will not let its fans complain about anything. And as it has been and is, the lineup is the most crucial standard of Watershed Festival. This year though the lineup has so many pleasant surprises. Headliners for 2020 include Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett, and Keith Urban.

One of the most astonishing things is these headliners are booked through and through this year and yet. They took the time out of their schedules for the watershed festival. This eagerness alone speaks a lot about the festival. Not only do people love it the country stars are also very pleased to perform at the watershed stages. So, you too drop all the prior plans, get the Cheapest Watershed Festival Tickets you can find, and get there!

  • How many stages are there and their timings?

Also joining them on the main stage are Kelsea Ballerini, Billy Currington, Travis Denning, Russell Dickerson, Lindsay Ell, Gone West featuring Colbie Caillat, Hardy, Randy Houser, and Jon Pardi. And that’s not even half of it, most of the artists performing are still not announced. Wait till the last few weeks to the festival and you might see some unexpected names pop-up on the bill.

  • What’s the Idea behind the Watershed Festival?

Live Nation Country Touring president Brian O’Connell shared some insights on the idea and aim of the festival that might encourage you to live the experience. He described the festival as “one of the most beautiful settings on Earth”.

Why wouldn’t it be with so many fun activities along with your favorite country superstars performances the festival is a complete package. What makes you stand from your seat and get those Watershed festival tickets is meeting all those crazy music lovers and making new friends. As Brian said so himself, “Watershed more than just a festival, it’s a true rite of passage for country music fans.”

The experience gets better and better every year and its exclusive camping sure is a plus.

  • Important Tips That Will Make Your Watershed Festival 2020 Experience Better

A Live Nation’s produce, Watershed Festival first held in August 2012. Since then it has expanded to accommodate a large capacity of activities over the festival days. These few tips will help to make your weekend better!

  • Hydrate yourself properly

First and foremost, you need to make sure to hydrate. July is quite hot in Washington and believes me when I say it usually goes over 100 degrees. So, make sure to keep a water bottle with you or take a few refreshments sips after every little while. You obviously don’t want to feel sick or worse pass out and ruin your fun time at the festival.

  • Download the Watershed app

Before heading to the festival make sure you download the Watershed app. It will help find the place easily as well as get all the important information on time. You can check out who is playing and stay up-to-date about every update.

  • Lots to do at Watershed!

Once you enter the festival there is a lot to do here like Coachella. Start your day by riding the giant Ferris wheel. Have a look at the whole festival ground and then head to play soccer or do yoga. There is more to do at the festival including the Rockstar Ride, a free arcade and a big scavenger hunt!


  • Watershed Means lots of Water

Running off to the stages from the campsite and then back get you overheated. But don’t worry Watershed has its ways to beat the heat. You can check out the misting station to escape the scorching sun or head over to the massive water slide for a quick refreshment. Fell like this is not enough? Join the awesome foam party. Get all soapy and drenched with your friends.

  • Watershed Dance Parties

It wouldn’t be a country music festival without a little partying. Head to the Campground Jam to dance along to your favorite local band on Thursday and Saturday night!

Get lessons to shake a leg with the Boot Boogie Babes at several time schedules on every day of the festival. Last but not the least, stop by for the Black Light Party on Friday night. Moreover, there is also a 90’s themed throwback party on Saturday night.

  • Enjoy the Experience

You will be at a venue with the most picturesque views. Gorge Amphitheatre overlooks the Columbia River. Plus, it has also been named the ‘Best Outdoor Music Venue’ quite a few times by Tickets4Chicago. So don’t fret if you missed some of your favorite stars, or you left something important home. Just enjoy the moment and count your blessings to be able to experience this incredible festival!

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