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How to maintain children’s mobile screen time? The parental control app is the answer!

Why do parents need parental control apps? Parents tend to worry about their kids. Before the era of telephones and smartphones, parents were always worried...

Ways to Prevent Digital Dementia in Kids!

Smartphone addiction and kid’s health have been a big concern for decades. Countries like South Korea are dealing with digital gadget dependence and searching...

Introduction to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Why build a Progressive Web App? Progressive Web Apps (PWA), ever since their launch a few years back has become a concept that has from...
Internet Restriction

Why is Internet restriction the need of the hour?

Is your child becoming Internet addiction? Can you track all your kids’ activities online? Is there a guarantee card which restricts adult content? How...

Ridesharing Services: How Does It Works

The one and the only primary goal of ridesharing is to reduce the traffic on roads in every part of the world. But still,...

Mobile App Development – Review the Best Technology to Use

If you want to make your mobile application project successful, choosing the right technology stack is a must. A relevant tech stack can be...
app development

Confused between iOS and Android App Development?

As a businessman, it can be quite confusing choosing the right medium to get your app developed. There are a lot of...