How To Remove Search Marquis From Mac

When using Firefox or Safari on a Mac, do you see Search Marquis in place of your default search engine? If the response is affirmative, the Search Marquis virus might be on your computer.

To force people onto a fraudulent search engine, Search Marquis modifies browser settings and replaces its default search engine with its own.

Thankfully, we have a tried-and-true remedy that outlines how to get rid of the Search Marquis infection from your computer in a few easy steps.

What is the Search Marquis Virus?

A cyber criminal group is currently at large, and its activities are becoming a major concern for the whole Mac community.

Although these thieves don’t disrupt systems or cause havoc by secretly mining cryptocurrency for profit, the malicious code they have been producing is extremely annoying and difficult to uninstall from Mac Macs that have been infected. All questionable advertising focuses on the computer’s web browsing aspect.

How to remove the virus Search Marquis from your Mac?

It’s not difficult to remove the Search marquis virus from your Mac. The procedure is divided into two steps. The first is for you to manually remove the virus from your Mac.

search marquis mac

  • The second step entails deleting residual files in your web browser’s backend.
  • Use antivirus software to get rid of the Search Marquis virus.
  • Here’s how to use an antivirus programmed to remove the Search Marquis virus from your Mac:
  • Select an antivirus company that supports Macs. Integer Virus Barrier X9 is something we’d advise.
  • Install Mac’s software after downloading it.
  • Run a thorough system scan.
  • To get rid of the Search Marquis virus, choose from the alternatives given.

Manually remove Search Marquis virus files.

All files that a Search Marquis infestation produces when it invades your system must be manually removed during this phase. To completely remove the virus from your macOS file system, perform each of the below steps.

  • Find any unfamiliar processes and kill them: access Activity Monitor by going to Finder > Applications > Utilities. To forcefully close any suspicious processes, select them with the Stop option.
  • Remove any login items you are unfamiliar with: Select Users & Groups > Login items by clicking the system settings icon in your dock, then click OK. To make changes, click the padlock in the lower right corner (you’ll need to enter your admin password). Unrecognized login entries can be removed by selecting them and using the minus button.
  • Look for any. You never download and remove Dmg files: Click on Finder > Downloads, open any files you don’t recognize, and then remove them. Remove any file you can’t recognize by going to the path /Library/Launch Agents while in the folder. The identical procedures should be carried out in the directories /Library/Application Support and /Library/Launch Daemons.
  • Remove any shady applications: To delete any programs you never installed, go to Finder > Applications, click, and then drag the app to the trash.


If you’ve followed the steps above,  your Mac should be clean of the Search Marquis Virus, with all dangerous files deleted from your file system and any signs of the virus eliminated from your browser.

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