Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments

Are you seeing a lot of hair than usual while you are combing? Hair all-around in your bathroom and on your pillows? This is a sign of hair loss. Prolonged hair loss can result in baldness. Hair fall of about 100 strands per day is normal. But if you see more than the regular hair fall, it is something you need to look into.

Hair loss has become the most common problem these days. It can happen to anyone irrespective of their age and gender.

The doctors belonging to the best hospitals of hair treatment for men in Pune are stating few causes of hair loss especially for men, they are

 – Hormonal changes

Different hormones in our body are responsible for our health. Fluctuations in these hormonal releases can affect our daily metabolism. One such effect is hair loss. These hormonal imbalances may be due to thyroid problems, immune system disorders.

 – Scalp Infections

Scalp Infections caused due to ringworm and other worms lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. If you notice itchy scalp or powdery formations on your scalp, it might be a symptom of scalp infection.

 – Heredity

The most common causes of hair loss or baldness in men is due to heredity.  This happens due to aging. This occurs slowly causing bald spots and eventually baldness.

 – Medications

Usage of various drugs related to cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and depression can also have hair loss as one of its side effects.

 – Stress

People between the age of 20  to 40 are experiencing hair loss majorly due to stress. This can lead to temporary hair loss and at times permanent too.

 – Excessive hairstyling

We often use various styling tools and creams that will eventually lead to hair loss. The heating tools damage the proteins that are present in the hair. Also, frequent tight hairstyles will pressurize the scalp leading to hair loss.


 – Poor nutrition

A healthy diet is important for a healthy body. Lack of proteins, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients also lead to hair loss. It is recommended to follow a healthy diet for strong hair.

These are a few common causes of temporary or permanent hair loss in men.

There are various hair loss treatments for men in Pune, Hyderabad,  and various other cities of India which will help restore your lost hair.

Temporary hair loss can be cured using various medications, shampoos, and conditioners, while permanent hair loss or baldness require treatments.

The most effective hair treatments for permanent hair are as follows:

 – Hair transplantation

In this method of treatment, hair from a fuller or denser part of the patient’s head or any other part of the body is transplanted to the area with baldness. Hair transplant falls into two types of treatment.

  1. Follicular Hair Transplant
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction

A hair transplant is a surgical way to restore your hair. It is a very common and effective procedure majorly performed on men.

 – Scalp reduction

Scalp reduction is also surgical treatment for hair loss. In this method, the area of the scalp with hair loss is reduced. The skin in such areas is removed. The areas with hair are pulled or stretched and stitched together. This reduces the area of the scalp with hair loss. It is performed on people with baldness.

 – Laser therapy

This non-surgical method is used for hair regrowth. In this procedure, low levels of light are put on the affected areas. The photons present in these rays of light will be absorbed by the weak scalp tissues.

The photons stimulate hair follicles to grow into fuller and thicker hair. This method is also known as red-light therapy or cold laser therapy.

It is proven that it is a safe and fruitful method to treat hair loss. It is one of the least painful treatments to cure hair loss.

 – Platelet-rich- plasma therapy (PRP)

In this method blood from your body is taken and put into a centrifuge. This fast spinning device separates the platelets from the blood. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the scalp with hair loss. These platelets stimulate hair growth preventing hair loss.

This is mainly used in patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia which causes the hair follicles to shrink hence resulting in baldness. This non-surgical method is one of the most efficient ways to treat hair loss and baldness.

Hair loss and baldness have become very common these days. It is recommended to not to ignore constant heavy hair fall. Timely treatments can help you restore your hair. Hair loss also occurs in stages, the earlier we get treated, the better the results will be.

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