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For having the low-cost cell phone bills, boost mobile is offering the best plan to reduce the expenses of your high-cost mobile plans. Many of the boost mobile plans have launched this year for smartphone data plans, which can be the best one to choose if you are seeking any low cost one. Apart from the big banners like the AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon, there are plenty of other operators, who offer a reasonable rate of plans suitable for your mobiles.

The big brand companies like DISH have opted for their boost mobile plans with its boost mobile operations in the USA with the CDMA/LTE network coverages. The prepaid rate plans of them come with no obligation or long term agreement. You just pay to get what you want. Let’s have a look at the low-cost plans for 2020 that you can choose:

Boost Mobile Plans under the $40 for the high-speed data:

Boost comes with some of the plans which are low in cost but does not charge more if you go over the allotted data usage. For the high-speed data you can subscribe to any of the following plans for ultimate savings:

$35/ month:

This plan comes with its unlimited Talktime and text features, for limitless talking to stay connected with the world. Therefore, the 3 GB of high-speed data lets you do fast downloading and speedy browsing.

$35 / month:

This Walmart exclusive all-in-one mobile plan is popular for its attractive offers at such a low rate. This unlimited Talktime and text offer along with the additional benefits of the 6GB high-speed data for one month.

Unlimited data plans within $50 – $60:

If you require the heavy usage of your data for your smartphone, then your focus should be on the plans that emphasize on providing data. Here are the high-speed data-oriented plans that you can choose:

$50 / month:

If you are looking for the super saving plan that comes with plenty of offers, then this one can be apt for you. With the unlimited data, talk time, and texting benefits, the inclusion of the high-speed 35 GB high-speed data w/ 12 GB hotspot seamless data surfing is no more shard to reach a dream, and that’s too at a reasonable cost.

$60 / month:

For watching videos, making international calls, and other needs, data surfing without proper speed is frustrating. That’s why this plan comes with the unlimited talk, text, and the 35 GB of high-speed data w/ 30 GB of the hotspot to suit your all need at the cost of $60 / month. Suitable for unlimited HD streaming with unlimited data, this is cost-effective.


Below are 5 Boost Mobile Plans Under the $50:

Boost has launched 5 of its low-cost plans under the $50/ month which comes with the included taxes to offer you unlimited talk, data, and text offer. Let’s have a look:

1. $10 / month:

Subscribing to this plan enables you to get the plan that comes with the multiple exciting offers. You get unlimited Talktime along with the texts and 1 GB of 4G LTE data support with the mobile hotspot. Applicable to the new in-store customers only.

2. $15 / month:

Get more data add-ons for seamless data surfing and many more. At the rate of $15, this mobile boost plan offers you to get unlimited talk and text for one month. Besides that, the 2 GB of 4G LTE data with enhanced speed runs superb in your smartphone. The addition of the mobile hotspot offers better connectivity. Applicable to the new in-store customers only.

3. $25 / month:

For more data, you need to subscribe to this one. The plan includes unlimited text with Talktime. The addition of the 5 GB 4G LTE, with the mobile hotspot, makes this plan suitable for those who want to save their cost, and at the same time want more data.

4. $35 / month:

This is another cost-effective plan under the $50 tag. The plan consists of unlimited text and talks to stay connected with your family and friends all the time. Therefore, the 10 GB 4G LTE data is best for your smartphone to access unlimited browsing, watching movies and music streaming. The hotspot is also added for better connectivity.

5. $45 / month:

Enjoy the best of data plans at a low-cost price with this plan for booting your mobile. The addition of the 15 GB 4G data is best for seamless exploring using the internet. Therefore, unlimited Talktime and text give you limitless access to your mobile phone, talking for hours. The addition of the mobile hotspot makes it a win-win deal to subscribe to this plan.

Additional low-cost plans:

Apart from the above-mentioned plans, there are other additional plans also that comes with the interesting offers at a low price range. Apart from the data plans for the individuals, there are unlimited family plans that are best for sitting and enjoying unlimited data browsing and enjoying the talk time and texting facilities all the time.

Here is the plan:

$80 / month:

Starting at the range of $80, this plan can be considered as the boost mobile phones at best buy with its exciting data and Talktime offers. The plan contains unlimited data, Talktime, and text for 2 lines. With the 35 GB of 4 G LTE / line and 12 GB of mobile hotspot/line, it offers super savings with its subscription. Boost your mobile to get the best deals with this ultimate saving plan.


It’s quite impossible to stay updated with the world, without a proper connection to the internet and phone calls. But the high-rate of costs are the main drawbacks of such plans that retain people from subscribing. That’s why in this article we have tried to give you a detailed insight of the boost mobile plans of 2020, which are not only the best deals but also offer a low-cost prepaid recharge to your mobile phone.

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